I'm Annabella Juliette Green , but you can call me Bella!

Come on!


The water isn’t that cold. If anything just dip your toes in.

Bella didn’t know who the girl was suggesting she should dip her toes in the water. But then she looked around, and realized she wasn’t being spoken to. 


What did you say? Sorry, I wasn’t listening


Sorry, I wasn’t talking loud enough. 

Do you know where the washrooms are? 


A little bit, but it’s all good. Are you french? 


Don’t worry about, I understand. Well, welcome to Hogwarts!

Well no, actually. I’m British, but I’ve spent the last 6 years in France. 

I transferred from Beauxbaton Academy; long story. Anyway, I’m Bella. 


Mia turned to look at the girl she was talking about. “Well you are definitely NOT wrong there. She needs some serious help thinking she can walk around in those…” She giggled as she turned to look at the girl in front of her. 


"I really don’t get her entire ensemble, but I guess that’s how people dress around here?" 

"I’m Bella by the way." 



"Well now, that’s a good question. I’ve always liked boys. That’s nothing new. I guess I was a fourth year before I understood really what that meant. Heard some Slytherin call someone a fag. Looked the word up. Went and found that Slytherin and gave him a good damned kickin’. He never used the word again. And I came out to my fellow Gryffindors that night. Said if I heard anyone use that word again, I’d see them at the end of my wand. Can’t let people get ya down, dearie. Gotta stand up for yourself, always."


Bella listened mostly quiet, admiring his courage. “A kicking? Did you literally kick him? Beat him up? I can’t imagine you doing that! But I guess it’s the sweet ones you gotta look out for, right?” 


What’s that on your arm?


My tattoo. Sorry, I usually cover it. I’m pretty used to it by now, I must have forgot. 


Sure you weren’t. That’s pretty contradictory to that look you had on your face.


Chill, alright? 


Why didn’t I think of that? Thank you, Bells! Cake sounds so good..


It’s no problem, Cat. 

I guess it does. I personally prefer cupcakes, they’re cuter, don’t you think? 


… Can I help you? 


Oh, Je suis désolé- I mean, I’m sorry. I was staring, wasn’t I? 

I’m kind of new around here, I was just seeing if I saw a familiar face. 


*walks up next to you and smirks* He really is gorgeous isn’t he?


Bella chuckled. “Huh? Oh, sorry, I wasn’t staring at a boy. It’s that girls pants, they are terrible.”